Yelena Kluge




  • Has taught at California Keyboards since 2008
  • Degree in Classical Music Education in Piano Performance and Music Theory from Russia
  • Has extensive experience in the teaching field
  • Is prompt, professional, and courteous, fitting each lesson to the student’s age and ability
Yelena has a full schedule at this time.  If you are still interested, please let us know on the lesson request form below.


“I know how to play the piano well and how to teach others to do it.
I look forward to teaching most days, because it’s enjoyable. Enjoyment and enthusiasm is contagious and is transferred to students.
I get the true best from my students & find a way to help the student discover that he/she is more capable and talented than he/she realized.
I think personally about each member in my studio and feel committed to finding and developing each student’s abilities, talents, and passions.
I emphasize on Music Theory, Sight Reading, Techniques & Finger Skills, Ear Training and Music appreciation.
I am committed to the success of each student. I believe that every student is musical, and the teacher’s job is to unlock that potential. This requires teaching to each student’s learning style (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic), tailoring each lesson to fit the student’s age and personality, and use of analogies (relating concepts to the student’s personal interests).”

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