We Are . . . Repair Central

Lots of Band Instruments By the looks of our store at the moment, you might think that we’ve decided to get out of the music business and store instruments instead.  There are a lot of them here–this is quite normal for the summer months.

Why, you might ask?
After the school year ends, our repair shop turns into the modern equivalent of an automobile factory, as our team of repair technicians check, pound, analyze, test, and fix over 1,000 instruments in a two-month period, transforming them into playing condition once again.

Ultrasonic Cleaning of BrassOh, and we haven’t mentioned the hundreds of brass instruments that receive ultrasonic cleaning to restore their shine and playability.

So please pardon the mess when you stop by.  We’re helping to make music education better in Kern County–one instrument at a time.

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