Cracked Trumpet

California Keyboards offers a number of services in addition to simply selling musical instruments.  When it comes to pianos, we move them and tune them, coming right to your home in both cases.  Just give us a call.

Parents and students routinely stop by the store to rent musical instruments for the school year.  In fact, we rent over 1,000 instruments a year at competitive rates.  Each features music educator approved instruments and an optional program in case the instrument gets damaged during the year.  What’s more, on-time payments earn credit that can later be used to purchase an instrument of equal or greater value.*  You can’t beat that!
(* see store or call for details)

Band instruments eventually need repair, and we’re a full-service repair shop staffed by some of the best repair technicians in the business.  Whether you need a pad adjustment or have something more involved, we’re there for you.  We can also ultrasonically clean your brass instrument, making it nice and shiny.

Schools can contact our representative and schedule orders, bid requests, and visits to make sure the band department is running at its best.

Take a look at the following links to learn more about our services at California Keyboards Music Center:


Piano Services

Instrument Services

School Services

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