Guitar Repair

California Keyboards Music Center has rapidly developed a reputation as the preferred destination for all types of electrical and acoustical guitar repair. From routine setups to major repairs, restorations, and custom modifications, we have the tools to get the job done right.  Just bring it to us for a free estimate. We’re fast, courteous, and affordable.

We offer the following services:


Broken Neck Guitar

Broken Neck of Guitar

Broken Neck and Headstock Repairs – Often this type of damage gives the impression it’s beyond any hope, but it’s not. In fact, many repairs of this type of damage are nearly invisible when we’re done.

Fret Replacement – Sometimes only a few frets wear out where the most common use occurs.  Other times it’s best to replace all at once.  Either way, you’ll notice a huge improvement in playability afterwards.

Fret Dressing – Usually only a few frets wear down faster than the rest due to the most common playing position on the neck getting the most use. Long before frets need to be replaced, a fret dressing can restore a smooth, even, and fast playing action.

Bridge Repair / Replacement – A guitar stored in tune creates a lot of pressure pulling up on the bridge.  Over time, the glue holding the bridge can give out.  Care must be taken to prevent further damage and improper placement when reattaching the bridge.

Saddle Adjustment

Saddle Adjustment

Saddle Adjustment / Replacement – Many guitars come from the factory with plastic saddles that are too high.  New saddles should immediately be adjusted in combination with the nut to achieve optimal string height for smooth playability. Over time, the strings can cut grooves in the saddle, lowering the action and causing excessive string buzz. Replacement of badly worn saddles is recommended.

Nut Adjustment / Replacement – Like saddles, many nuts are too high when new.  This can cause excessive discomfort when playing due to the strings being too high above the first fret.  A simple adjustment can make your guitar a joy to play and learn on.

Preamp Installation – When you want to be heard, sometimes nothing but an amp will do.  But to get the most of your guitar, a preamp is a must. We can install from scratch or upgrade an existing preamp with the latest technology.

Pickup Installation / Replacement – New pickups can restore an old worn-out guitar to star quality in a hurry.  When a different flavor sound is desired, a new set of pickups will do the trick.  We can custom fit almost any set into your favorite guitar.

Electric Guitar Controls

Electric Guitar Controls

Electric Guitar Controls – The most common trouble spot and the trickiest to fix yourself, the controls are the lifeblood of your guitar.  They are best left in the hands of a good technician. We can definitely help.

Strap Buttons – Many guitar players prefer to stand while playing.  Unfortunately not all guitars come properly equipped for those players.  In order to secure a strap to the guitar, let us install a set of strap buttons. Properly done, they’ll compliment the appearance of the instrument.

Intonation Adjustments – When your guitar doesn’t seem to play in tune anywhere on the neck, it probably needs an intonation adjustment.  This issue, while appearing very easy to do, actually is another tricky one best left to a highly skilled professional.  It is easy to mess up your own intonation but difficult to nail the perfect setup.  Bring it to us for a quick check.


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