Digital Pianos

Casio Celviano

Digital pianos are quickly becoming an acceptable alternative for the standard grand piano due to space requirements in many homes.  Their smaller form factor also makes them attractive options in apartment residences as well.

At California Keyboards, we are proud to carry the Casio Celviano line. The Celviano line of pianos has been refined for those who demand an authentic grand piano experience. Celviano’s traditional design houses new stereo grand piano sounds and redesigned keyboard action. Utilizing a new tri-sensor spring-less 88 note scaled hammer action, every nuance and detail of your performance is captured. A new 4 layer stereo grand piano sound delivers a natural, expressive, and dynamic piano experience.

In addition, we carry digital pianos by Kawai.  A number of their digital pianos, including the CA and CS models, were recently ranked as the Home Digital Keyboards of the Year by MMR Magazine.

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