California Keyboards Music Festival 2015


California Keyboards will be holding our first ever Music Festival on Saturday, April 25, 2015. We’re looking forward to a day of music and fun!

What is the California Keyboards Music Festival?

The Clavinova Festival is a fun, relaxed performance opportunity in which all students can participate. Students can perform any type of music they choose that can be played on a piano or keyboard.  Any age and any level is welcome – they just need a desire to have fun with music!

Where will the event take place?

The Festival will start at 10 AM and will be held at Grace Baptist Church–Downtown Campus (203 H Street, Bakersfield). Parking is available at the church.

What are some other things that I might need to know?

* You can perform any piece (current or present).  If you’d like, you can even create your own song (at least 16 measures) and perform that!  However, please keep in mind that no photocopied music will be allowed to be performed–it must come from a legal source. Digital printouts of sheet music, however, are acceptable. The piece doesn’t have to be memorized!

* Teachers who have multiple participants will be scheduled so as to keep their students together (thus, we won’t schedule one student at 10:30 AM and another at 2 PM).

* A separate registration will need to be filled out for each participant.

* There is a registration fee of $15 for each participant. Each participant receives a t-shirt as part of their entrance fee and will be entered to win, per a drawing held at the event, a Yamaha Digital Piano!

* The deadline for registering is April 18th, 2015.

You may register at the store or by printing out a copy of the forms below (in PDF format). A completed registration includes both the registration form and performance info sheets. We look forward to seeing you there!

CK Music Festival – Teacher Guidelines
CK Music Festival – Registration Form
CK Music Festival – Performance Information

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