Band Repair FAQ

  1. Can you give me a repair estimate?
    Certainly! We need to see the instrument in person, as what sounds like a complex problem on the phone may be easily fixed.  All estimates are free and can be done while you wait.
  2. How often should I bring my instrument in for inspection/repair?
    You should bring your instrument in to have a repair technician look at it once a year. But bringing an instrument in doesn’t mean it’s going to cost a fortune to fix! Preventative maintenance is much cheaper and faster than repairing a major problem (just like going to the car dealer). If students are trying to play an instrument that is not properly tuned or has issues, they often lose interest because it is harder to play and they find they are not progressing as quickly as they should.
    Simply put: A well maintained instrument = an enthusiastic musician!
    Tuba Bell Before and After
    This is a miraphone tuba’s bell that arrived at the store in a state of disrepair. If caught quickly enough (and it’s not cracked), it can often be saved at a relatively low cost. If not, the bell will need to be replaced next season for $2,000 to $3,000. Moral: Don’t wait for problems to get worse. We’re ready to help.
  3. How much is my instrument worth?
    As in the case with repair estimates, we have to see the instrument. One of the major factors in determining the value of an instrument is the condition the instrument is in. We can give you verbal or written estimates, but we have to see the instrument in person!
  4. How long will the repair take on my instrument?
    No other music store on Kern County has a faster turnaround on band instrument repairs. California Keyboards has four (4) repair technicians on staff who, in some cases, can perform same-day or 24-hour repairs on an instrument. We keep a large inventory of replacement parts on hand to minimize the time for most ordinary repairs.  For larger repairs, it’s a good idea to bring the instrument in to get an accurate estimate.

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