Band Instrument Repair

ronCalifornia Keyboards is proud to provide one of the finest, fully equipped band & orchestra instrument repair departments available anywhere. From routine maintenance and adjustments to ultrasonic cleaning to fabrication of custom or hard to find parts, no challenge is beyond the skills we have to offer.

Our repair technicians boast over 50 years of combined experience tackling the most demanding jobs for students, band directors and professional musicians alike.

We stock an extensive supply of replacement parts so turnaround times are kept to a minimum.

To schedule a dropoff or check the progress on a repair in progress, call us at (661) 327-5397.

In addition, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Dent Repair

BEFORE Dent Repair - Before Mouthpiece Dent Repair - Before


AFTER Dent Repair - AfterMouthpiece Dent Repair - After

Stuck Mouthpiece Removal

NEVER use pliers to attempt removing a mouthpiece!  It will cause serious damage to the mouthpiece and usually breaks something on the instrument as well. With the proper tools, this is a routine issue that we can normally address on the spot.
DISCLAIMER: California Keyboards does not advocate the use of any method shown in the video.  If you try any of them, we will not be liable for any damage caused to yourself, the instrument, your vehicle, or your ego. 

Violin Repair

Violin Repairs

If you have a quality instrument or family heirloom that suffered an accident, don’t give up on it until you have our repair technicians analyze it.  You may be surprised at what can be repaired–often to the point where the repair is nearly invisible.  We can also reset your soundpost or contour the bridge for proper string height.  Even brand new instruments can benefit greatly from a proper setup by our staff.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Rotors before

Rotors before cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a high-tech method of cleaning a band instrument.  Some of its features:

• Environmentally friendly & safe
• Eliminates the need for dangerous acids
• Ability to clean interior and exterior surfaces
• Removes calcium and lime deposits
• Extremely fast
• Proven to be better than mechanical or chemical cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to generate a process called cavitation. Micron-size bubbles form and grow due to alternating positive and negative pressure waves in a solution.  When the bubbles implode, they are forced into the instrument surface at speeds of up to 250 mph! At the point of impact, the bubble releases contaminants that are stuck to the substrate. Because the bubbles are so small, they can reach into the smallest of crevices and remove trapped debris, dust, and dirt easily and effectively.

Rotors after

Rotors after cleaning

• Rates start at $50
• Pick-up time is determined on a first come, first served basis. In some cases, the instrument can be picked up the same day.

We recommend you have your instrument cleaned once every six (6) months for optimal playing performance.

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