We carry a great selection of accessories for all of the instruments we sell. Here are just some of the products we offer:

  • ReedsReeds and Accessories

  • Strings for all stringed instruments

  • Brass and woodwind mouthpieces

  • Amps and Instrument Cables

    Music stands

  • Instrument cases and bags

  • Cleaning and maintenance supplies

  • Mutes

  • Microphones and stands

  • Music themed gifts and decorations

  • Piano benches and covers

  • Polish and wood care products

  • Keyboard stands

  • Metronomes and chromatic tuners

  • Drumsticks and drumheads

  • Instrument cables

  • Guitar straps

We also carry an extensive line of sheet music. Click here for more details.

Stop by and stock up today.  Or better yet, give us a call at (661) 327-5397 and we’ll set your accessories aside to ensure they’re waiting for you when you arrive.

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